The Conference

What is Still Rethinking about?
After the 2008 financial crisis, the call for different approaches and methodologies in Economics became irrefutable. But what has really changed in the way Economics is researched, taught and practiced? Is there progress towards a more pluralist agenda or are we facing a backlash from the established institutions? Should Economics be left entirely to economists?

At Still Rethinking, we want to look at the current state of Economics and the economy. The need for Pluralism in Economics and for interdisciplinary approaches seems to be more urgent than ever. Today, only a handful of universities offer pluralist programmes. Moreover, the ignorance of insights from other social sciences is concerning.

Our main aim is to look at challenges concerning economic theory, social relations, climate change, gender questions, inequalities, housing and Brexit, among other socially relevant urgent issues of our time. What has Economics to offer regarding these challenges?

Still Rethinking wants to provide a platform for discussing Pluralism in Economics and tries to introduce undergraduate students and the general public to Pluralism.

There will be five streams:

  • The Need for Pluralism
  • Environmental Issues
  • Gender and Feminism
  • Inequality
  • Global Capitalism and Development

Who are the organisers?
Still Rethinking is being organised by Rethinking Economics Greenwich (REG) and the Institute of Political Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountability (PEGFA) at the University of Greenwich.

Confirmed Speakers:
Victoria Chick
Michael Kumhof
Jakob Kapeller
├ľzlem Onaran
Engelbert Stockhammer

for a more complete list of our 30+ confirmed speakers, check out our Speakers section.

More Infos TBA soon.

Link to FB event:

The conference will last for all of Saturday 30th March, starting from 10.30. The last event of the day will be the launch of The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx at 18.00. This will be followed by a drinks reception.

On Sunday, panels will start from 11.00. The conference will end around 16.00.

Rethinking Economics will also provide travel stipends for those travelling from outside of London. More information on our website soon.

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